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The Metaverse, No, Not That One

There’s an idea someone could build on

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Let’s talk about the metaverse. No. Not the multi-billion dollar escape from our dystopian hellscape, the other one — the one we have now.

I see great potential for gaming on the blockchain, and it centers around the player’s personal experience. So yes, you can make money. But you make that money by building loyalty, not short-term scammy tricks.

And loyalty you can have in droves if the industry plays their card right. Not like Blizzard or Bungie, they are siphoning money out of their player base. More like Final Fantasy XIV, where its policy provides massive value for what they ask in return.

Imagine creating your avatar at a centralized multiversal portal. Then, you set out on an adventure where you choose between a vast array of genres to explore. Have you fought in the Malkan’s 3rd galactic war and survived? Well, maybe it’s time to settle down and build that nice quiet place you promised yourself if you survived.

So, you go to a universe where you’re a farmer. All on the same character. How cool would it be to have Malkan agents show up at your farm asking you to come back and serve one more time? But you must turn them down. You have a new life now.

The potential is fantastic.

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How could it be done?

Think about the MCU. Same concept. You’d have a creative director orchestrating between projects. Naturally, it would be a significant undertaking. So, I believe you’d establish the core first. I know MyMetaverse is doing it. But they are plugging into existing games. But I’m talking about creating a gaming multiverse.

Developers would need to create a central hub. To explain, they could say some entity or force has pulled your character out of their multiverse due to its imminent destruction, of which you were unaware.

The central hub would be akin to the TVA HQ from the Loki series with a more modern aesthetic. There, the entity would speak to you about how to maintain the structural integrity of this multiverse.

You might find yourself in an FPS fighting in WWI or perhaps a battle further back in time than that. And that experience would be an entire game experience developed by a project team. All they have to abide by is that their objectives reward the player with tokens, and when the story is complete, they can return to the hub, or perhaps when they’ve accrued enough tokens.

Then iterate that process across multiple genres of games. Finally, you’d keep players playing your games as part of the metagame as a company.

Multiversal marketplace

You’ll purchase NFT items from the MM with tokens. The items can be user-created or company-created. And they’ll span any universe you can access from the multiversal hub. Also, there can be a limited number of some items. And it can vary depending on the item.

There will be an age-old problem of bots. That’s why the company could implement NPCs with unique IDs to occupy the world even if they aren’t visible. So, there could never be a type of 51% attack by creation bots who want to swamp the MM or the network.

Another feature of the MM can be external functions such as deresolution. Deresolution would be the process of selling some or all of your tokens for your real-world wallet.

As for the universes

Any universe can be anything out on the market now. Or better, something new and fresh. Imagine surviving a horror universe only to find that it’s lucrative for you to fight a war in a dystopian future. I believe it’d be great.

Then, new game launches would be so exciting. Everyone is waiting at the portal to see what the new universe is about — lots of hype. And you did all of it on the same character. Also, you could reward players who are veterans of a universe that help new explorers of that universe.

There’s a ton of possibility.


Studying metaverse concepts is fun. And there’s considerable potential for long-term projects to take flight. Also, the money is there, and the pump and dump aren’t.

There’s a way to use your brain to understand that creating a space where users want to be there and want to give you their money and time is possible. It doesn’t have to be a cash grab.

I believe people have had enough of that experience.

My idea isn’t new. It builds on what’s out there. And if someone wants to take it and run with it, I wish you would.

We need it.

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