The Rise of ChatGPT and the Fall of the Software Developer — Is This the Beginning of the End?

I was wrong in my latest article, we’re looking at our future replacement

Fernando Doglio
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6 min readDec 13, 2022


Recently I published an article evaluating whether or not, we as developers, should be scared of ChatGPT stealing our jobs.

In the article I asked the bot to create a To-Do app with some mixed results. My conclusion — spoiler alert — was that we were not in danger, ChatGPT seemed to me more like a Google search on steroids, but nothing to be worried about.

Today I used the bot again, and I think I was wrong, so much so, that now I think we’re looking at the birth of a new version of the software developer. We’re looking at the AI-assisted dev and potentially, the birth of our replacement.

Let me explain.

An interesting conversation

After some readers commented on my last article that I should be more specific with my prompts, I decided to give ChatGPT another try. This time I wanted to get the code for one of my upcoming articles, one about genetic algorithms in JavaScript.

So I asked ChatGPT: give me the javascript code to solve the traveling salesman problem using genetic algorithms

The traveling salesman problem is a classic theoretical problem that is commonly solved through genetic algorithms, so I wasn’t surprised when it tried to give me a solution.

I say “tried”, because this is what I got:

Yes, the code is incomplete, which I decide to mention: the previous code sample is not complete

To which it answered:

You are correct, the previous code sample is not complete. Here is the full code for solving the traveling sales problem using genetic algorithms in JavaScript:

And then proceeded to give me an incomplete version, yet again. I’m assuming here I’m…



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