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You can make money from flipping NFTs

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4 min readNov 22, 2021


atomic NFT market edited screenshot
The image is an edited screenshot from Atomic Hub, made by the author

Have you as a little kid ever collected trading cards? I don’t know about children right now, but in my childhood, we were crazy about collecting all sorts of trading cards, especially as you could find them wrapped inside bubble gum packages. Everybody was chewing gum, collecting trading cards, and playing outside. There were no smartphones or computers.

There was even a common joke made by parents:

“Careful with that gum, if you swallow it will make your intestines stick to each other!”

I remember that in the ’90s there was a huge trend among children around my block to exchange trading cards with the soccer World Cup of ’94. These cards had the best players of those times, and soccer was at that time much more enjoyable. It was more about pure talent than about money.

There was also a trend with supercar trading cards and I remember that my Bugatti Veyron card was a rare one. Other kids wanted to give me multiple cards with Ferrari and McLaren, just to give it to them.

Among the most popular cards were the ones with the movie stars of those times, such a Silvester Stalone, Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.

I would never think that the world of trading cards would become popular again until I read the first things about NFTs, and particularly a type of NFT collectibles, which are similar to trading cards as we know them. On the WAX network, you can find really good examples.

What Can You Do on the WAX Network?

You can see and buy many collectibles in the form of virtual trading cards that are NFTs. You can find card series from comic books and various other collections, but also cards that can be used in games. Alien Worlds is a very popular game from this network and I have written about it here:

This game is based on a series of cards that can be taken out of the game and sold on the WAX network, for obtaining the cryptocurrency of the network, called WAXP. The Alien Worlds Trilium, which is the main resource of the game can be exchanged for WAXP using the Alcor Exchange, but you need to have a Wax Cloud Wallet, which can easily be created with a Google account.

On the WAX network, you can also create your own NFTs, but it would be ideal if you would be an artist who already has a following and who can prove this. Your NFT’s will be whitelisted and this will make other people see your set of cards coming from a trusted brand. They're more likely to be sold for good prices, as they will stand out on the NFT market from the WAX network.

Flipping Virtual Cards on the WAX Network

By flipping cards on the Atomic Hub market, which belongs to the WAX network, you can multiply your WAXP tokens. It’s just like buying and selling on any market. You buy some cards that you can find cheap or you make auction offers. Then, you sell them at a higher price, which can be the recommended market price or higher. It’s up to you to decide. You can experiment and see if it works for you.

The market has some neat functions, showing you the lowest price that you can find for a certain NFT, a recommended price for each card, but also the value in dollars of your whole card inventory.

I remember that someone said on YouTube he was just playing with buying and selling cards and he ended up making a thousand WAXP without investing a thing. This was in the earlier stages of the network’s existence. I tried recently to use my Trilium mined from the game Alien Worlds and converted it into WAXP.

Some of the WAXP I have staked to have more resources on the network because they are needed for proper functionality: CPU, RAM, and NET. A few WAXP tokens I have used to buy some NFT cards that I found cheaper than the market’s medium price. Then, I put them for sale at a higher price. Some of them sold overnight, others are still on sale, so I could say this thing is working. I intend to multiply my WAXP tokens this way. If I make a lot of WAXP, I will keep you informed with a new article.


Flipping virtual cards in the form of NFTs is a lot of fun, especially if you know how to set the price so you have as many successful sales as you can. This buying and selling process goes hand in hand with playing the games on the WAX platform and putting WAXP for staking, to ensure you have enough system resources.

I recommend trying this and you can begin by mining Trilium in the game Alien World, converting it into WAXP, and then flipping cards on the Atomic Hub marketplace.

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this article should not be considered financial advice in any way. The information contained in it is just for educational purposes. Investing in crypto is risky and should not be done unless you afford to lose the money you put in.