These Websites Pay $100–$900 for Your Data Science/AI Articles

Good remunerations for your Data Science/AI articles

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Does it often feel like the tech world never talks about the data science/AI part of things? It is all too common for practitioners and enthusiasts in the world of data science and AI to feel left behind because of the sheer amount of content tailored for web developers and other parts of tech.

I had a similar feeling and was curious whether our field offered similar opportunities for educators or people interested in telling a story with their data or new findings.

Gladly enough, I did my research and came up with findings that would benefit you. I searched around the internet and found a handful of sites that pay you well for your knowledge or expertise in data science and every technology surrounding it(data engineering, machine learning etc).

Let’s get to it!


Are you a lover of databases, dashboards, SQL and absolutely have the best stories to share with the community? Arctype gives you that type of chance. They have a program for writers that is intuitive and cooperative to ensure that you can produce the best possible content.

Arctype has expressed that it is open to new stories that could be actionable tips for engineers, elaborate novel tutorials and even case studies on a relevant topic to them.

They pay $150 per article and also pay bonuses to articles that perform exceedingly well. If the above are your strengths then check them out at arctype.


Airbyte is another platform that pays well for any writers who would want to be remunerated for their work. This site highlights that they are interested in articles directed to the data engineering, data analyst and backend dev communities.

They desire tutorials, opinionated pieces and new ideas. Tutorials about their platform are also welcome. On top of this, it is important to add that they work hand in hand with writers to deliver articles of the highest possible quality.

For a 1500-word article, they pay $900. Check Airbyte’s site out if interested.


The two previous sites that I mentioned strongly lean into the data engineering side so let’s check a site that doesn't strongly lean into that direction. Contentlab allows writers to write about many technical topics, and AI/ML happen to be among the topics that they accept. They also accept some data engineering topics.

Contentlab, like the rest, offers a supportive environment and a strong editorial team. On top of these, they have among the best remunerations in the technical writing community as they up to $500 for their articles.

If this is a fit for you then you can check Contentlab out.

This one here is a curious case as it is not entirely limited to technical subjects. There are a variety of topics someone can write including topics that are related to your data-filled fields. pays $315 to $578 for each article. If you don’t want to be limited to technical articles then you could check out.

Our final site on this list is Neptune has put a strong emphasis that they are a site particularly tailored to AI and Data Science topics. In fact, they are specifically looking for you, data scientists and machine learning engineers who may have a story to tell with the implements of your work. is on the list of sites that have generous pay as they pay anywhere between $300 and $600. You also do not need to worry much as the team at Neptune will provide services that improve the impact of your article.

Will you write for Only one way to find out.

Hopefully, you will find a home in the above communities where you can share your stories with good compensation to motivate you for the wonderful work you are doing.

I will make a point to look for more similar sites to grow the Data Science and AI community. Good luck on your writing journey!



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