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Timezone Fundamentals Everyone Should Understand.

Never get confused about time zones again.

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GMT ( Greenwich Mean Time)

GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time, most of us has already heard about the term. To explain Greenwich is a town in London, which was considered to be zero longitudes. Just to refresh the facts, latitude and longitude come under the coordinate system which is used to identify any location on the planet. So whichever location you visit has some sort of coordinates that help us identify it.
You can use this website to find coordinates of your location, and don’t share it with anyone since they can track you down.

Image showcasing Greenwich in United Kingdom. Source: Google Map

Time Zones

Another crucial logic that needs to be understood is the need for timezones. As discussed earlier there was a need to have a standard for all those commercials, legal and other issues. For your information, the whole earth is divided into 24 different time zones.

Source: Wikipedia.
An image specifically showcasing India. Source Wikipedia.

UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

UTC stand for coordinated universal time which is the successor to Greenwich meantime. UTC was adopted in 1970 and implemented in 1972 before that it was called GMT.


Epoch also known as Unix time Unix timestamp. It is nothing but seconds that have elapsed since January 1970.

Final Thoughts

Understanding different type format time zones and standards are very crucial for any person specifically a software developer. Having a good understanding of time zones will help you prevent some unforeseen situations.

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