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Top 10 Chrome extensions that you need to have

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Following extensions will help you become more productive.


If you do any writing in your day-to-day work, Grammarly is the best tool to have on your side. Grammarly makes sure that your words are free from any grammatical errors.



We buy lots of things online and sometimes we also try to search some coupon code online for discounts but searching the web for coupon codes are very painful with all the ads on those sites. Honey is an extension that you can install in your browser and it will automatically search and apply the coupon code for you. how cool is that?



This is probably the most required extension for anyone. with the number of ads that we have on every site nowadays, AdBlock will make sure that ads are blocked and you don’t have to worry about the ads on websites. AdBlock will block ads even on youtube.


Save to Pocket

When you get some good link and you want to save it, you normally add that to the bookmark right. but what if you want to access it on your other devices. Save to pocket is just for that, it can save links, and articles for you, and you will have access to them on any device.



If you don’t like to see a default new tab on your browser then you will like Momentum. if you give you a brand new experience of the new tab with your own to-do list with great wallpapers and will help you become more productive.



Have you noticed a new feature on Medium that you can now listen to any articles? Well, Medium is using a tool called Speechify which can allow you to read anything on the webpage. with this extension, you can listen to any content on any webpage.



This will depend on your use case. If you invest in cryptocurrency it's good to have Metamask added to your browser so you can do transactions directly from the browser.


Dark Reader

Nowadays many websites are in dark mode and we like it as well but not all the websites are having that feature yet. Dark Reader will help you view any webpage in dark mode instantly.



Does it ever happen to you that on a website you like the code so much that you want to see what is that color hex code so maybe you can use it in your design or on your website? well with ColorPick you can get the color code instantly just by hovering on the content.


Google Keep

Google keep is a very good extension to have if you want to have quick access to your to-do which will be accessible to all the devices. with google keep, you can add texts and access them instantly on any device.



If you are a Medium writer, go checkout Medium Enhanced Stats and thank me later. Link:

Hope you like these extensions.





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