Top 10 IT Consulting Services Companies in the World

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Top 10 IT Consulting Services Companies in the World

IT consulting is developing at a consistent, yet sluggish, pace. From 2016 to 2021, the business grew at an average of 2.8%. The market for software consulting services is valued at $48 billion, involving generally 20% of the overall consulting market. Technology consulting companies are increasingly becoming a choice for enterprises and startups that want to improve their IT infrastructure and operations.

IT consulting is paramount when it comes to getting the right guidance to manage the IT departments of the business. However, with latest innovations like Blockchain, AI & ML, IoT, and more, hiring a software consulting company that assists with the implementation of these technologies makes complete sense.

Let us take a look at the top 10 most popular IT Consulting Firms.

10 Most Popular IT Consulting Services Companies to Know

IT consulting can bring innovative perspectives from in-depth and experienced technical expertise. It also improves the overall efficiency of the organization’s IT operations. That’s why hiring software consulting companies often leads to better results.

Here are the Top IT Consulting Companies to Know -

  1. BoTree Technologies:
  • BoTree Technologies is a trusted enterprise software development company and software consulting company with focus on enhancing the entire IT operations of their clients.
  • The company offers strategic IT consulting, managed IT services, IT strategy & planning, process optimization, and digital transformation services. It utilizes the latest technologies to offer IT consulting and ensures that all processes deliver the optimum output. Companies in over 20 countries truste BoTree Technologies for their software consulting services.

2. Intellias:

  • A global software consulting agency founded in 2002, Intellias provides a wide range of technology consulting services. It has a team of over 2600 professionals who provide digital consulting, software engineering, and IT infrastructure services.
  • They deliver high quality software engineering and consulting services to firms like Siemens, Deloitte, and many more. Intellias has worldwide presence and offers top-notch consulting to enhance the IT operations of the business.

3. Accenture:

  • Accenture is known all over the world for its IT consulting services. The company has a six-part innovation architecture that includes innovation centers, research, labs, and studios. Accenture has more than 450,000 employees who work on IT and management projects.
  • The company is often regarded as the top software development and IT consulting company. Accenture also has patents to its name that allow it to achieve a competitive advantage.

4. Tntra:

  • Tntra is an innovation ecosystem that offers the best of product engineering and IT consulting. The company has domain experts with 30+ years of industry experience. It offers software services, managed services, digital transformation, and accelerates the pace of innovation across enterprises.
  • The company works with clients in 10+ countries and has offered software consulting services to leaders in their industry. Tntra has a team of over 110 experts and developers who are equipped with the skills to assist enterprises in IT engineering.

5. Cyber Infrastructure INC:

  • With over 12+ years of global experience in IT, Cyber Infrastructure is a software consultant company that offers a wide range of technology solutions. The company has established itself as a leading name in offering innovative IT consulting solutions and services that always adhere to globally recognized standards and the ongoing technology trends. Through their offerings, Cyber Infrastructure helps businesses to attain their objectives and leads them to success.

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6. Tata Consultancy Services:

  • Since 1968, Tata Consultancy Services or TCS has been using a mix of software consulting and business intelligence to augment business profitability. The firm’s intelligent business functioning works by using technology to achieve optimal outcomes, reduce costs, and augment work capacity to maximize productivity.
  • What’s more, Tata’s clients can have the opportunity of customizing their solutions in accordance with their distinct needs. TCS provides services like IT consulting, application development, infrastructure assistance, and business process outsourcing.

7. Magneto IT Solutions:

  • One of the leading software consultancy firms, Magneto is an award-winning software consulting and development company. Their core competencies are in creating market-leading end-to-end eCommerce solutions.
  • They provide a wide range of technology solutions to ensure companies have the optimum outcomes from their IT operations. Magneto has served over 650+ clients across the world. It also streamlines the operations of the company by providing in-house staff augmentation services.

8. Skelia:

  • For over a decade, Skelia has been a trusted software consulting firm across the globe. It has offered IT consulting services to companies ranging from startups to Fortune500 companies. It has over 300+ team members.
  • The company offers software development, IT consulting, Managed IT services, application development, process reengineering and much. Skelia has the best-in-class business model to ensure clients get what they pay for. Clients usually control the budget and the team that works upon the project.

9. Capgemini:

  • One of the top 10 consulting companies worldwide, Capgemini is known for its 360-degree IT consulting solutions. Its technology services comprise designing, development and implementation of software solutions, as well as systems application and IT technology enhancement.
  • Remarkably, Capgemini offers outsourcing services that enable clients to manage complete or fractional control of IT systems for applications and infrastructures, together with related business processes. The company follows a result-oriented approach.


  • Thanks to its 8 years of experience, expertise and amazing reputation, Inventorsoft helps companies in leaving a digital impact. It provides IT consulting services to global clients with complete transparency and efficiency. The company is known for its on-time delivery of software solutions.
  • As an IT consulting services company, Inventorsoft assists enterprises with reimagining their IT processes and achieving the best outcomes from[ their operations. The company has completed over 50+ projects and has received positive feedback from its clients.

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There are hundreds of software consulting providers worldwide. Choosing the best one from them can be a challenge. The above list of the top 10 software consulting firms provides an idea about what to expect from an IT consulting company. Selecting the right company depends upon the requirements. However, the above companies have years of experience in serving their clients and providing the best IT consulting services. Therefore, hiring any one of them would be a great venture for enterprises looking to augment their IT operations.

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