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7 min readJul 19, 2021

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Today, Kubernetes is the most adopted open-source platform to orchestrate containers. Research proves IT teams are thinking about Kubernetes as a new platform for new responsibilities every day. Beyond evidence of improved deployment, resources management and cost savings, Kubernetes is used today in so many ways that it is sometimes hard to follow the new trends.

The increase in the adoption of Kubernetes comes partly from the community and all the resources that it provides every day to easily understand the concept and the management. Training, courses, certifications, no matter your title or your background, there will be a resource online to help you implement a new concept, having a big overview of what is possible and, inherently, growing your skills. Interestingly, higher salaries also are associated with knowledge of Kubernetes.

The purpose of this post is to share 5 free self-paced certifications that everyone interested in the Kubernetes ecosystem should know.

Rancher Operator: Level 1 by Rancher Academy

Rancher Labs announced in May 2020 the launch of an online certification program through the Rancher Academy, today known as Suse Academy since the acquisition of Rancher by Suse.

This class is perfect for every beginner operator to quickly get a basic understanding of Docker and Kubernetes principles. This course introduces all the basic concepts of Kubernetes, from the creation of a simple container to the orchestration of multiple clusters with Rancher.

This self-paced course includes video introductions, theory work, demonstrations, hands-on labs, quizzes, and a final exam. It is designed to be completed in 5 weeks, with increasing detail and difficulty over each session. As it is a self-paced certification, it is up to you to define the number of hours allocated per learning session.

The certification demonstrates the knowledge and competence of the learners with basic Kubernetes concepts and the management of a cluster with Rancher.

Click on the following link to create your account and start the certification: Rancher Operator Level 1.

Certified Calico Operator: Level 1 by Tigera

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