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Top 5 Ways to Market Your Virtual Event Better

Did you know that Social Media is the most effective way to promote the events virtually as mentioned by 80% of event professionals? The top 4 social media channels to promote the virtual events are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

So, how can you be sure that your marketing event is super fresh and hits the best possible shot to reach multiple millions of audiences and users? Are you waiting to popularize your events through social media?

Methods by which events can market virtually

email marketing

2. Email Marketing: Over 70% of the event professionals say that email marketing is one of the most effective tools to get to register attendees and or sell more tickets to your audiences. It’s now becoming an art with so many emails flogging inside inbox and capturing the attention of the user and convincing them to click the event and book a ticket. It can increase the number of attendees organically. Get a free tool like MailChimp to not just send the emails roughly without a database and idea to send emails to users in more personal and scheduling time. It should give that feeling to the audience that it’s for them personally and for their advantage. The next step must be a sequence of events to announce your event, you must create a sequence to
schedule your events like per day or week. Find out the way that creates the attention, interest, desire and action.

3. Gamification: Create a contest or opportunity for the attendees to get engaged. Like discounts or free tickets, give them valuable reasons to talk about your event online. Use tools like event apps. Get the prospective attendees on the event app and get them to participate in it and create content within that goes outside the social networks. Create valuable content by using the event hashtag that creates community around and that makes other people feel that what’s the buzz of that hashtag happening around, might be they feel it interesting if some person attends that event and they feel connected and urged for that event. So, gamification is one of the topmost effective ways to get an audience for your event virtually.

4. Shift Quantity To Quality: Previously the algorithms are based on content quantity. The more content on your social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn or Instagram or Twitter, the more visibility will be given by the algorithm for your event. But now the old algorithm is updated and the shift is now more for quality than quantity. As you have noticed too that even if you haven’t followed some page on Instagram or like a page on Facebook, your social media always shows the list of suggestions for those of the pages which are having plenty of likes or followers to visit. Focus on the best possible update for your social network in terms of spending time on that page or retweeting like that.

5. Use Social Media Ads Cleverly: How do you get the opportunity to highlight and display your content effectively. The best way is to seed your content with the right audiences using social media advertising. Concentrate on the budget between as small as 50 rupees to 10 thousands of rupees per update, gives you the edge and schedule your ads on that way to reach to your audiences and get more attendees for your event to get around and enhancing the opportunity to grab the user by a little bit of advertising just to maintain your content or event on the top! In terms of spending on ads effectively and getting maximum cost-effectiveness in return, Facebook is the best platform in channelizing your ads. Facebook re-marketing and Facebook ads trends are cheaper and then further you can switch to Instagram or Twitter or LinkedIn according to the further need.

6. Be Present 24*7: Few years before the trend was, if the event is scheduled 3 months after, you will get involved with your attendees and try to figure them out before 2 to 3 months. But now things have changed and so the social media presence. If you don’t constantly update your social network, the changes inside the algorithm on which social media run will penalize you by letting your attendees and audiences behind you be aware of your events. Therefore there is no you have to engage your audience all year long. This one is the best practice from day one when we talk about our event on social networks.

Conclusion: Hopefully, I have covered major ways to successful market your any marketing events using the social media engagements.



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