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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Mobile App Testing

In an attempt to reduce the overall cost of mobile app development, you may choose not to outsource your mobile app testing to reliable QA experts. You need to realise that you are highly likely to drive up the cost of your overall mobile app development by not opting for mobile app QA outsourcing.


By outsourcing mobile app testing, you can save a substantial amount on hiring full-time software testers. You also avoid paying for expensive training to in-house testers. An experienced outsourced software testing team will help you identify problems early on.

Outsourcing your software testing function also allows you to get a quicker start on your new product development, translating to more opportunities for business revenue generation.

A thoroughly tested app can improve mobile app ratings, which in turn increases mobile app downloads.

If you are still on the fence about outsourcing mobile app testing, let us have a look at the top reasons why outsourcing mobile app QA is a beneficial decision.

6 Reasons Why Outsourcing Mobile App QA Is A Beneficial Decision

  1. Cost-effectiveness

If you are planning in-house mobile app testing, then there are a few questions that you need to ask.

  • Are you operating at favourable costs and promoting optimal utilization of the resources?
  • Can you cut down on training and recruitment costs?

Testing in-house will automatically increase the overheads for your business. You will need to set up the appropriate infrastructure, invest in the right tools, hire expert engineers, and create the environment required for testing. One also needs to ensure that your team stays abreast with the latest trends, which means a little spending on training and other inclusions.

When you outsource your mobile app testing to a QA company, you will be spending on the services you avail of. Top software testing vendors are known for their top-notch infrastructure and tools. Being in the domain, they are aware of business requirements and are equipped with the exact resources. Resultantly, you can efficiently manage your niche while being assured of the quality you will gain. You will also save on the time and effort that goes into mobile app testing.

2. Scalability

As a business, you want to accelerate the time-to-market to launch your idea before your competition. However, to meet the timelines, you need to scale the testing processes as well. Scaling requires continuous testing into your development process, continuous improvement of testing, and an increase in the number of resources needed for testing. It will be challenging to implement this level of scaling immediately in-house. When you outsource QA to a testing company, they can ensure immediate scalability and assured testing in sync with your needs. As a result, you can meet your launch timelines.

3. Process Efficiency

What happens when you develop and test the product in-house? While development is your strength, your QA team might not be equally developed. You may also lack the professionals and the processes needed for accelerated launch. In some cases, the void caused by inefficient workflows also leads to testing issues.

You can eliminate these problems by choosing the right software testing partner. The software testing experts have a defined process and understand the business requirements to the T. This helps them realize the strengths and weaknesses of your product and offer insights into creating a better version of the product. They will integrate manual and automated testing to identify the stability, performance, load, and other functional aspects of the mobile app.

4. Ensure Strict Deadlines

App testing requires a designated team and tight schedules so that you can release the app on time. However, if you don’t have the resources or the experts, you will delay the app launch. When you outsource testing, you will notice that the testing partner has a defined process that helps them stay committed to the timelines.

Streamlined communication, assured reporting of all the findings, and agility to integrate testing during the development phase helps with faster quality assurance tests. Most agencies derive the root cause for every problem in the mobile app before indulging in resolving it. They have a defined testing environment and prepare the test cases in advance so that they are ready to deliver the results. Hence, they can solve problems faster and accurately.

5. Faster Testing Results

When you develop and test the app in-house, you are spending twice the app launch time. As a result, you cannot deliver quick and precise results, which also hampers your business reputation.

If you are powerful with mobile app development or design, then concentrate your efforts on the core. Outsource mobile app testing to an agency that has garnered expertise in this field. They will find the bugs faster, integrate testing into the development process for continuous integration, and ensure accurate results.

6. Focused Operations

When your IT team is loaded with tasks related to setting up the network, developing your business app, and upgrading it, it will be an added burden to load them with testing of the app. You will notice inefficiencies as well as inaccuracies in the results.

Outsourcing will help gain access to quicker results. Apart from this, you will be working with experts in QA. Experts can identify the bugs faster and provide immediate test outcomes. Finally, you will save time and money for your core business, thus furthering the opportunities and increasing your conversions.

Software and app QA outsourcing providers rely on advanced test automation tools, test management, and bug tracking to make the testing process faster and more efficient. Some of the most popular test automation tools used by professional testers include Ranorex, Selenium, and Microsoft Coded UI Tests.

To Wrap Up

Outsourcing your app testing not only saves you time and other resources but also ensures you peace of mind. Giving responsibility for your software testing to an expert team is the most efficient way to leverage your resources toward developing better software products much faster.

Engaging with the right QA testing company will enable you to have complete control over your software solution while ensuring better & quicker testing results. Maruti Techlabs offers continuous integration for better development and faster testing. We incorporate client feedback and user concerns while creating and testing the products. With us, you get state-of-the-art infrastructure, aligned resources, and a perfectly structured plan that can steer you ahead of your competition and gain a winning edge.




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