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Top 7 Hidden fun API Gems for you to try

If you are a programmer, there is more chance that you want to create some random apps just for fun. but why spend too much time if you only create your app for fun.

In this article, I will list some hidden API gems you can use in your next fun project. I am sure you haven’t even heard of most of these.

1. Random Quote API

You can create your own quote app which might show some random quotes each day or maybe do something more. Zen Quotes provides you API just for that. Just call a simple API and get the quote instantly.


2. Random Chuck Norris joke

Well, this is too random. If you would like to create an app for showing random Chuck Norris jokes, Then this is the API for you.

This API will return you a joke and even an image to show with the text. How great is that?


3. Meme Generator

What if I told you that you can generate a meme image by just passing the text to an API. Cool right?

APIMeme will do just that. You can just call a simple API and it will give you the generated meme instantly.


4. Article API

So you want to create a serious app? maybe you want to show the latest articles from different categories in your app. but how will you get the latest content?

Well, QuickFloat will help you with that. Just call a simple API and get the latest content instantly.


5. Random Kanye West quotes

This is Random Kanye west quotes API or should I say Kanye as a Service.

Maybe you want to create an app just for Kanye fans and show them the random quotes from Kanye. is just for that.


6. Podcast API

If you want to create a platform for showing podcast information. this is the API for you. you can get podcast information from more than 2 million podcasts.


7. Anime facts API

This is for anime fans only. You can use anime facts API to show the facts about anime to your anime fan’s audience. It's cool right? and maybe in your app add a sharing option as well so anyone can share those facts on the internet.


This is just a small compilation of the APIs, there are lots of other cool APIs out there. I hope you create some cool apps using the above APIs.




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