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Top 10 Insurance Software Development Companies in the World

Top 10 Insurance Software Development Companies in the World

The insurance industry is going through a massive digital transformation. Today, consumers can use their smartphones and laptops to use all types of insurance services from the convenience of their homes. This has become possible because of innovative insurance applications.

The result of such possibilities is the growth in the insurance software development market. Today, an insurance software development company can build, reengineer, or modify insurance solutions to meet consumer demands.

However, insurance software development services are not easy to deal with. There are hundreds of software partners providing similar insurance app development services. How can an enterprise find which one is perfect for its requirements?

Top 10 Insurance Software Development Companies

By factoring in the company’s experience, portfolio, and feedback, any enterprise can make an informed decision on which insurance app development company to hire. It is important to hire a professional insurance app development company that stands out and delivers something unique that fulfills the customer’s demands.

Here are 10 insurance software development companies that enterprises can consider before making the final decision-

  1. BoTree Technologies:
  • A leading enterprise software development company, BoTree Technologies creates insurance apps for both B2B and B2C companies. The company offers key services like custom insurance software solutions, customer management systems, business management solutions, and support and integration services.
  • BoTree has a team of 130+ team members working collaboratively to deliver seamless web and insurance mobile applications. BoTree is a premium software development company with 10 years of experience in the software industry. It has successfully delivered 80+ projects during that time period. Contact their experts for a free consultation on insurance app development.

2. Ascendix:

  • Ascendix is one of the oldest teams of insurance software developers who brought innovations in insurance to the forefront. The company services the needs of insurance startups, brokers, and vendors by creating connected insurance solutions.
  • It offers smart cloud-based and cross-platform insurance solutions to serve its clients. Ascendix creates modern insurance CRM systems, claims processing and management solutions, and exceptional support and maintenance services. It has 25+ years of experience and has a team of 150+ team members.


  • As a top leading insurance software development firm, ELEKS provides full-cycle custom insurance software development services. It provides custom software development, product design, data science, quality assurance, R&D, smart teams, and support and maintenance services.
  • The company has 25+ years of experience and has over 1,000 team members. They primarily serve clients in the US, UK, and Europe. It offers flexible engagement plans that enable startups and small businesses to get a high-quality insurance app at an affordable price.

4. Tntra:

  • The parent company of BoTree Technologies, a leading software product engineering company, and the best insurance app development company in the US, India, and Singapore, Tntra offers a wide range of insurance solutions. The company offers a broader landscape of services than other insurance development companies.
  • It offers insurance app consulting, risk analysis, process reengineering, app development, MVP development, and product engineering. Tntra offers an innovative ecosystem for creating high-quality insurance applications. It provides venture capital and incubation to startups and enterprises in the insurance industry.

5. Chetu:

  • Chetu is an expert insurance app development company with top-notch software developers having years of industry experience. The company offers out-of-the-box software solutions for insurance providers, brokers, and customers. From having feature-rich applications to determining how to approach the software development process, Chetu has experience in all things software. It has already served clients in 10+ countries.
  • The company offers custom insurance software development and support & maintenance for existing applications in the insurance industry.

6. Next Big Technology:

  • With an excellent team of in-house insurance software developers, Next Big Technology is a well-known insurance app development agency. It offers high-end insurance web and mobile solutions to startups and enterprises. The company implements the latest tools and technologies to create high-quality insurance solutions.
  • The company has 16+ years of experience in the industry and has a team of 100+ developers. Next Big Technology also provides insurance software reengineering and upgrade services to clients all over the world.

7. Zealous Systems:

  • A trusted partner for insurance mobile application development services, Zealous systems has over 12 years of experience in the industry. The company has a team of 150+ team members with skills and technical expertise to create high-quality insurance applications.
  • It works with the latest cognitive technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence, and offers standard IT offerings, such as Application Development, Web Development, Custom Software Development, and Mobile Development. Zealous Systems provides insurance app development solutions to startups, small businesses, and enterprises.

8. Intellias:

  • A popular choice of leading companies worldwide, Intellias is the best insurance app development company for new-age startups. The company offers insurance development for P2P portals, customer service portals, claims management systems, document management systems, underwriting software, and much more.
  • Intellias helps companies personalize their sales process and deliver custom solutions to its clients. From auto insurance to life insurance, Intellias offers software development for all categories in the insurance industry.

9. CodeBright:

  • Looking for a leading insurance software development company that can create quick MVPs and bring the ideas of startups and small businesses to life? CodeBright is the answer. The company improves/streamlines/automates business processes, raises efficiency and productivity, reduces costs, solves business challenges, and more.
  • It has 8 years of experience in creating dynamic software solutions for the insurance industry. The company works with enterprises, startups, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. 80% of its business results from existing clients who are satisfied with the company’s services.

10. BairesDev:

  • As a professional insurance app development company, BairesDev understands the importance of digital transformation in the insurance industry. Insurance app developers at BairesDev provide an array of software development services. They drive profits, reduce operational costs, and assist in improving customer relations.
  • The company offers custom application development, CRM/ERP platforms, adaptive quoting algorithms, claims management systems, policy compliance software, risk analysis system, and data analytics solutions. BairesDev offers a dedicated team of software developers who work as in-house staff for the insurance company or the enterprise.

An insurance software solution can transform the operations of any insurance company, broker, or agent and simplify processes for the customer. Today, there are hundreds of insurance app development companies in the world, and choosing the right one can be a challenge. The above list of the top 10 insurance app development companies will help enterprises identify which one is best for meeting their requirements.

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