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Aug 24, 2022
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Check the newline code of the opened file

:set fileformat?
:se ff?

Visualization of line feed code

Display line feed code

:se list

Hide newline code

:se nolist

Specify line feed code to open


:edit ++fileformat=unix


:e ++ff=dos


:e ++ff=mac

Specify line feed code

:se ff=dos
:se ff=mac
:se ff=unix

Remove line feed code


Reopen the file with the specified character code

Reopen the file in UTF-8

#Option 1
:e ++enc=utf-8
#Option 2
:edit ++enc=utf-8

Save file with specified character code

Save the file in UTF-8

#Option 1
:set fileencoding=utf-8
#Option 2
:se fenc=utf-8

Check current encoding

Vim encoding

:se enc?

File encoding

:se fenc?



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