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Your Passion, Tokenized

By Hogefather, aka Jesse Rogers
Sponsored by VaultSale | Not Financial Advice

I’ve been pretty quiet for the past few months, just keeping to myself while I try to learn how to program. There hasn’t been a lot in the crypto space that I’ve been excited about. To say that “2022 hasn’t been my year” when it comes to my portfolio’s value is a bit of an understatement.

It’s no secret that I massively overinvested in HOGE. I “bought the dip” only to see it dip further, and further, and further.

And it isn’t only my speculative meme coins that are way down. Axie is in shambles, CRO, ALGO, DOT, MATIC, and so many of my other favorites are worth considerably less now than when I originally bought them as far back as a year ago. A true believer, I sank with the ship.

There was a time when I was so sure that this groundbreaking blockchain technology was going to revolutionize everything. It still might, but maybe not on the timetable that I thought. Maybe not in a way that will benefit me and my family the way that I hoped.

Still, there is one bright spot that I’m excited to tell you about.

After I stopped following the price movements and the crypto news on a daily basis, I only got the occasional heads up from the friends I’ve made in this space. One of them told me that EGOH had rugged. “Great,” I thought. “Ain’t that just a cherry on top.”

Sure enough, when I checked Trust Wallet, my stash that was once more than $1000 worth of value in EGOH was now worth less than $4.

Then a few days ago, out of the blue I get a call from none other than Joe Rocko — one of the core members of the EGOH as well as HOGE teams that I’ve worked with very closely over the past year. “Hey brother! I need you to write up an article for us.”

EGOH Holders Were Not Abandoned

Amidst this year’s devastating sharkfest of crypto scams, implosions, and betrayals, as it turns out, EGOH holders were not abandoned. We were automatically airdropped a new VAULT token on a 1:1 basis, according to how much EGOH we own.

(the contract is 0x2693BFB95F3B3cf7d3bDfc020328CD6cFA673eb8, which you’ll have to add to your wallet to see that you own it)

Redistributions for VAULT will be given in BUSD rather than HOGE (you may need to add the contract for pegged-BUSD as well: 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56)

The token will officially relaunch this week, this time with a polished, corporate-facing branding.

The team behind VAULT is comprised of professional artists, programmers, and marketers, and with their capabilities comes an ambition to provide competitive blockchain solutions. There are five distinct services offered by the project, listed on the website: Dashboards, Liquidity Locker (Token Launchpad), Smart LP, Arcade, and Contract Audits.

Still, despite all this focus on utility and respectable business solutions, VAULT does not completely discard its memecoin origins. It does have the kind of tokenomics redistribution that was popularized by HOGE last year, but with a 10% rather than a 2% tax.

It is beyond the scope of this article, and well beyond the scope of my skillset, to tell you whether VAULT is a good investment for you or not. I’ve gotten my hopes dashed into heartbreak too many times to count, so I know better than to predict “The Future”, nowadays.

But I will say this. Once liquidity is added, once VAULT is listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, once I have the opportunity to sell…

I still ain’t sellin’.

Let’s see where this thing goes.



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