Useful Metaverse

Web-based multiuser VR for seamless interactive collaboration and work

WebXR allows novel forms of work and education in which users share the same virtual world. Here are all our prototypes, accessible in devices such as Meta’s $400 Oculus Quest 2.

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12 min readNov 29, 2022
Multiuser VR. The blue person is here explaining to the four attendees of this VR presentation some aspects of the protein structure his group developed (cartoons in the center of the scene). All participants can freely move around the VR hall, and each can manipulate the protein structures one at a time to move or scale them at will -which all other participants see happening in real time. This and all other figures, tweets and videos shown in this article were produced by the authors from their own software.

This article introduces a series of VR software prototypes that we have developed within the scope of what we call the “Useful Metaverse”. That is, VR tools that can truly revolutionize education and work, with a focus on groups of people collaborating together in joint virtual sessions. Of course, the underlying technologies also serve for entertainment and other goals, as we discuss.

This article was written by myself (Luciano Abriata, Medium handle LucianoSphere) together with Fabio Cortes to present various tools developed by us for single- and multi-user augmented and virtual reality experiences. Although the focus of our work is on enabling collaboration in chemistry and biology through virtual and augmented realities, the core technology is equally applicable to any other area of work, education, entertainment, etc.

We kept this article very simple and making clear that the applications to chemistry and biology are mere examples to illustrate the power of the multiple elements integrated in our apps: multi-user connectivity, either in-place or over the internet or mixed; interactive content including complex simulation capabilities; engaging avatars; complete environments; full web-based nature; and coupling to external apps to manage the properties and contents of the VR sessions.


Modern work involves deep collaboration between people of varied backgrounds and expertise, who therefore must regularly gather at meetings and conferences to present and discuss their work. Most of this collaboration happens today in the form of multiple people looking at the same screen on the same computer, or over videoconference where a presenter shares the screen to the rest of the participants. And especially when complex data visualization and manipulation is involved, regular computer setups are very limiting, because (i) only the presenting…



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