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What authoring a research paper taught me

Publishing a scientific paper is done at all stages — From a college to PhD to industries. At all levels, there are certain aspects to be kept in mind to be a successful researcher. As a beginner, publishments can often result in a failure or rejection. Understanding the research domain and the methods to write up a quality scientific paper is crucial to get a valued publication. In this article, I will brief on what authoring a research paper taught me.

Understand what research focuses one

Understand the whole field of research is an important factor before getting into doing research. Research mainly focuses on innovation — What new can be bought into approach wise / solution wise or what new insight can be drawn from the data. Building / Finding something new or innovating something to improve the existing approach is what scientific paper does. Getting a feel of this is necessary to be a good researcher and bring value to your research.

Get a mentor

Just like all fields, getting a mentor / guide to help you all the way is essential to get a research published, especially if you are new to this. Choosing a research topic and evaluating it all might be a search in the dark for beginners. With proper guidance, one can understand the right method to choose a topic, evaluate the quality of research etc.

Be ready to put in the time

“Rome was not built in a day”. Writing up a quality paper takes few months to years depending on the size of your research. Be ready to put in the time and be consistent with the process throughout. A scientific paper has to go through many iterations of proof reading and reviewing with peers / mentors before it can be sent for publishing. Similarly, publishing too takes up a great deal of time (from few months to a year depending on the publisher). Be patient until you get your name up there.

Be open for criticism

Not all research gets into the pass list. There might be ups and down throughout your research journey — Be prepared to embrace it, improve your work and further develop your research journey. Being open to criticism is an important quality to have. Research always has negativities which one person see and other’s don’t. Use this as an opportunity to improve your work.

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Vishnu U

I am a Computer Science Student undergraduate from Dayananda Sagar University, Bangalore.