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What way can you differentiate Vue Native from the rest of the App Development Tools?

Vue Native from the rest of the App Development Tools

It is a fact that the IT industry is growing continually where massive changes are seen all through the year. It is important to figure out the appropriate technologies for keeping up with the most recent changes out there. Mobile application developers are aware of it. For this reason, they are always looking out to create a mobile app by using innovative technologies to save time and cost.

React Native of Facebook had been a huge turnaround in the world of mobile app development. It happened to be the first application development tool that helped the app developers to create an inexpensive hybrid mobile app.

Vue JS is considered one more fantastic tool that is becoming immensely popular among mobile application developers when it comes to creating native and cross-platform applications. There are plenty of reasons why the Vue Native app development framework has become popular, particularly amongst startups and new developers.

What do you mean by Vue Native?

What exactly is Vue Native?
What exactly is Vue Native?

Put simply, Vue Native happens to be a JavaScript-based framework that aids in creating mobile apps by using Vue JS.

Vue JS comes with lots of benefits, and one of them is that it organizes UI development. Furthermore, Vue JS focuses on view layers which makes it quite simple to understand.

Creating native mobile applications using Vue JS in JavaScript has turned out to be among the most well-known mobile application development solutions because of the simple learning curve.

If you are familiar with component-based workflow, you will find that things are quite acquainted with Vue JS. Mobile application developers with good experience with Angular or React will find familiarity in this particular framework with the directives.

Vue Native enables the mobile application developers to devote more time creating boilerplate source code than writing it. It had been created to be the contemporary mobile application development for JavaScript that you will be able to get up within a short period.

This happens to be a flexible, uncomplicated, and lightweight mobile application development framework. It has been designed creatively to be an extremely adaptable framework, and it is likewise simple to integrate with other libraries.

Vue JS is a JavaScript-based framework employed for creating applications with 100% access to API without depending on plug-ins. It likewise allows you to create mobile applications for iOS as well as Android app development. It is possible to make use of Vue Native for using CSS with CSS-scoped style for creating a design required by you.

Ivan Yu had created this innovative JavaScript-based mobile application development framework in the year 2014. This was born because of the concept of extracting the most significant part preferred by you regarding Angular, making it more lightweight in the long run.

This framework provides you with the capability of sharing source code with other developers. Lots of well-known companies use native scripts at present for their mobile application development project.

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Why Vue Native is considered to be a good option for creating native apps?

Benefits of Vue Native

Vue JS comes with several benefits which you should comprehend:

• Vue JS is considered a highly accepted application, particularly if you are acquainted with JavaScript, HTML, or CSS. If you are familiar with all these languages, it will be possible for you to start making a cross-platform mobile app quickly.

• Any alterations made by you are synced quite quickly, and you will come across more specific tools for creating the Vue application faster.

• One can easily compare Vue with React since it uses a virtual DOM and Vue code, which has been compiled into the React native code. It is considered to be a fantastic option for quick mobile app development.

Vue can achieve reactivity by tracking changes and updating the DOM automatically. Prompt speed happens to be one of the most significant advantages of Vue, which will be able to update and provide hundreds of DOM elements every second.

In general, Vue comes with lots of benefits, including:

• Simple to start

• Lightweight

• Remarkable documentation

• Supports JSX easily

• One can use it as a jQuery replacement

Advantages of having a native mobile app for your business:

There are many ways your company will be able to benefit from selecting a native app.

• Vue Native can be used for streamlining user interface development, thus simplifying the process to a great extent.

• You do not have any copyright concerns with Vue Native since it is under an MIT license.

• It is possible to customize Vue Native easily to integrate it into large projects quite easily for front-end development.

• They are effective as well as quick to engage in the interest of the customer. A native application will be allowing you to launch new services, products, discounts, features, and promotions.

• Business owners will be able to understand their target audience by receiving information such as geographical location, demographics, and behavior related to shopping.

Apart from benefiting the data marketing campaigns, it will also enable you to create superior strategies. And a native mobile application will allow you to create more relationships using notifications with your prospective audience or customers and brand recognition. Apps can result in lots of sales.

Vue Native Features

Vue comes with lots of features that help to make it an appropriate choice for applications. You will come across lots of mobile application development companies which are making use of this technology for the development of applications that are rich in innovative features.

1. Data binding

image : Good example for two-way binding, loops and local data.

This happens to be an attribute that aids in manipulating or assigning the HTML attribute values. Apart from this, it helps change the style and makes use of a binding directive for assigning classes. This binding directive is likewise obtainable with Vue JS.

2. Virtual DOM

Similar to Ember and React, Vue JS makes use of the identical virtual DOM. Instead of making certain modifications to the virtual DOM, a replica will be made of DOM. While the data structures are going to be modified, it is compared to the original data structure. Ultimately, all these modifications will be reproduced in the actual DOM.

3. Component

The component happens to be an essential feature employed for creating custom elements that can be reused in HTML.

4. Animation/transition

While using Vue JS, transitions can be easily applied to the HTML elements while deleting, adding, or upgrading in the virtual DOM. Interactivity can be increased by appending a 3rd party animation library.

5. Computed properties

This happens to be arguably amongst essential characteristics of computed properties, the computation needed by listening for modifications made to the user interface elements.

6. Routing

The v-router enables for navigating between pages.

7. Vue CLI

Vue JS can be easily installed in the command line by using the Vue CLI (command-line interface). It will be possible to create projects without any problem by using Vue CLI.

How is it possible to make development better using Vue Native?

This framework happens to be open-source. It is of prime importance to install React Native at first while starting to use Vue Native.

Following this, Vue Native CLI has to be installed. Vue JS functions with state management patterns as well as libraries for its mobile apps.

The central store consists of every single component of the mobile application. Nevertheless, if you are going to create a native mobile application, Vuex might not be necessary after all.

Vuex is targeted more for medium to large-scale SPA (single-page applications). Vuex should be selected as the subsequent step if you want to handle the positions outside the Vue components better. Let’s check out below Sample Login App with Validations and Vuex:

image source:

With the existence of Vuex, one does not need to depend on React Router or MobX for critical components in the mobile app. Vue can handle data binding properly, thus helping to make the mobile app developers free from the DOM’s micromanagement. The answer of Vue to this will be a 2-way data binding reactive system.

Let’s check out here Hello World Example:

image source:


There is no doubt that Vue JS is concerned about appending higher interactivity levels to a mobile application easily. It implies bringing innovative features quickly to the mobile app for your business, which your prospective users or customers will value at all times.

Furthermore, in case you hire Vue Native developer, they will welcome the mobile application development with Vue, since it happens to be a contemporary blend of JavaScript frameworks, together with concepts from all of them white accelerating the process of app development.

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