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Why Every Rental Business Needs A Scheduling API

If you own a rental business and want to reduce the time spent making appointments and trying to avoid scheduling conflicts, you need to look into getting a scheduling API. It not only makes life easier, but it also can save you unnecessary costs and resources you really can’t afford to lose.

Scheduling APIs for rental companies are the perfect solution for any size project or business. It works behind the scenes to make sure that your calendar is operating at maximum efficiency and prevents you from booking reservations over top of an existing order.

In fact, this type of API is so efficient even a brand new employee could handle making your appointments without making mistakes. It’s really that simple to use!

Benefits of Using Scheduling APIs

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to using a scheduling API. For instance, if you are dealing with customers in different time zones, it will coordinate your calendar to match whatever timezone you are currently working in or with. But, that’s just one of the many advantages people can prosper from when choosing a scheduling API.

It can also send notifications & reminders to your clients and reminders about upcoming rentals. You can also have a feature that automatically sends your customers their booking confirmations.

This type of API is designed to help your rental company work smoothly without worrying about your calendar. Too many small & medium sized business owners spend hours of unnecessary time trying to clean up and organize their schedules. Why not have an API do all the work for you?

What Makes Spurwing A Leader In APIs?

Spurwing’s scheduling API allows people to design, develop, and keep everything organized when they are renting items to other individuals. For example, if you rent party tents, machinery, camera equipment, or even a DJ deck for parties, you need to have complete control over your scheduling.

The Spurwing API calendar is expected to prevent any duplicate reservations from happening while making changes in real-time, which of course allows you or your staff more time to spend helping your customers with the other services you offer.

You’ll have access to all the widgets needed for your website to start allowing your clients to book their appointments within seconds! It’s both user-friendly and easy to use. You no longer need to spend most of your day on the phone or looking for scheduling solutions because Spurwing’s management tools will do everything for you!

It can even integrate with various calendars such as Outlook, Apple, and Google to give you one centralized and simultaneously updated calendar. So whether you use your phone or your laptop to schedule a rental, all your calendars will be updated in real-time!


Using a scheduling API for your rental business is not only smart; it’s the most efficient way to organize your customer’s appointments. You’ll never have to worry about double-booking again or having to apologize to your client for any scheduling errors! Join thousands of businesses that have adopted Spurwing and schedule a 30-minute intro call with one of our developers today.



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