Why I sold my reMarkable and Kobo Elipsa

Cato Minor
Geek Culture
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5 min readFeb 16, 2023


Only recently I wrote about my tendency to be an e-reader hoarder. Now I can proudly say that I am three e-readers lighter: I borrowed one to my nephew and sold two others. I guess you could call it a road to recovery? Or is it just making room for something new? However, the reasons for selling these two in particular are quite different.

Image of several e-readers I have owned, with the Kobo Elipsa and reMarkeble striketrough.
Three of them are not there anymore

reMarkable is a great device

I stand behind it. Remarkable lives up to its name. Sure, I used to be sceptical. Like many of you, I was bombarded by endless ads for reMarkable on Facebook for many years. It looked suspicious to me and I held my ground. I only bought it about two years ago, when I got it for a very good price, worth the risk. And what a surprise: The feel of writing was so much better than on my Onyx Boox, and the desktop application worked flawlessly. I wrote about this honeymoon period some time ago:

An even bigger surprise was the constant updates to the device, which continue to this day. Just recently, it became possible to mix note-taking on reMarkable with note-taking on the computer…