Top 10 recommended videos from WWDC-21

Kumar Reddy
Jun 13 · 4 min read
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Hope everyone enjoyed the week full of announcements like any other previous years with new iOS, Mac, and Watch OS and Developer tools.

I have been following closely the WWDC for the last few years and personally, it really helped me in understanding the core concepts and helped in connecting the missing long due missing dots. In fact, I used to watch the videos multiple times to understand the speaker's intent.

As per my knowledge, most of the developer's lookout for tutorials or StackOverflow answers to understand and implement the new features. This way it helps you to arrive at solutions in a faster way but it might not give you the confidence in the solution strategy or trade-offs on the available solutions.

Understanding the problem and possible solutions right from the Apple developers will give you much more scope to think and that is the place where you slowly start loving the language, getting pro on the specific topics, and will be more involved in the swift forums. All of this just makes you a better developer day by day.

Before we jump on to the recommended videos, I suggest installing the Apple Developer app for iPhone/iPad and WWDC mac app. These apps have the options to download so that you can watch multiple times and much better than watching in on Safari/Chrome.

Top 10 recommended Videos

WWDC-21 Keynote

Though the video is around 1 hour 30 minutes, it is worth watching once to see all the updates from the Apple Platforms with beautiful demos. You can try with either 1.25x or 1.5x playback speed to not get bored with lengthy video.

What’s new In Swift

This video covers the swift new features like structured concurrency, async/await, actors, etc

Structured Concurrency in Swift

This video covers structured concurrency, tasks, group tasks, cancellation, and a whole lot about the concurrency in detail. You can also see the evolution proposal for more information.

Meet Async/Await in Swift

The async/await pattern is a syntactic feature of many programming languages that allows an asynchronous, non-blocking function to be structured in a way similar to an ordinary synchronous function. Swift now supports the Async/Await for asynchronous programming.

Swift Concurrency: Behind the scenes

This video covers about the ho the Swift provides greater safety from data races and thread explosion while simultaneously improving performance. Also, explore how Swift tasks differ from Grand Central Dispatch.

Protect mutable state with Swift Actors

This video covers the synchronization of state using Actors in the concurrency world. Discover how actors work and how to share values between them. Learn about how actor isolation affects protocol conformances. And finally, meet the main actor, a new way of ensuring that your code always runs on the main thread when needed

Write a DSL in Swift using Result Builders

This video covers DSL, especially embedded DSLs. It will help you to write your own DSLs using result builders.

Swift Concurrency: Update a sample app

ARC in Swift: Basics and beyond

Meet Xcode Cloud

Apart from the above, there are a bunch of videos on SwftUI, Widgets, ARKit, CoreML, and other frameworks. Try to watch all the videos at least once and you can revisit them when you need the required features for any clarifications.

Thank you for reading the article. Please provide your valuable feedback/comments for improving the article.

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