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Geena saves the day!

…” I already gave you money for the things I bought, please give me my change!” The middle-aged woman said impulsively while trying in vain to subdue her swelling rage.

“Madam! I don’t remember collecting any money from you, please check your purse and be sure” retorted, the pretty slim lady behind the pay counter, who was doing a better job at hiding her fury.

The hysteria continued, especially after the cashier asked the woman to step out of the line, as a small murmuring crowd began to grow behind her.

Of course, she wouldn’t have any of that and so she began to yell profanities, with matching gestures to communicate her disagreement. Seeing where this was headed, everyone began to appeal to the enraged woman. She refused, not until the brawl drew the attention of the manager. He always had his way around this kind of situation and so he persuaded her to go with him to his office.

I also asked Jane, the cashier, to take a few minutes to calm her nerves, while I fill in for her. Everything quickly returned to normal again.

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I am an intern at this mall, I have spent about a month here and scenarios like this are the order of the day. We have quite an enviable patronage that sometimes, it seems impossible to keep track of transactions. This has sometimes led to the dismissal of the unfortunate staff involved. And now I am scared that this might become Jane’s fate. I had tried severally to talk the manager into installing gadgets that would make things like this easier, but he seems to be a penny-pincher and so, he never takes cost-intensive ideas seriously.

During my free time, I like to follow up on recent happenings on the internet. Today, I did the same thing too and as I kept roaming the net reading anything that caught my fancy, there it was, the solution to our dilemma. What first caught my attention was its really cool name “Geena”. I went on to read about the app and I was awestruck as it had just everything we have always lacked. From taking the attendance of employees to the recording of every transaction detail. Also looking at its cost-effectiveness, I didn’t think the manager would be able to turn this down.

I couldn’t wait for the raging woman to leave the manager’s office, I was already waiting by the door. She later came out and couldn’t hide her contempt as she glanced at me, muttering under her breath. Obviously, the manager didn’t do much to ease her anger.

Well, I was almost sure this would be the last time we would go through this.

I walked in grinning from ear to ear as I shared my new discovery with my boss. When I was done, I waited for him to ask how much it would cost as he would usually do. And when he did, I was happy to tell him how affordable it was. I got even happier when I saw a smile inch across his face. Seeing that he was in a good mood, I quickly pleaded that he allowed Jane to keep her job, and he obliged. He gave me permission to get the app working in our mall.

I couldn’t be more fulfilled. Jane gets to keep her job, my boss keeps his money, no more friction between the staff and customers and I’ll certainly get good remarks and recommendations when I’m done with my internship. It’s a win for everyone.

Yes, that’s Geena. A win for everyone!



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