A Brace Of Questions


Resistance is never futile…

Who can deny human brutality?

It everywhere marks the world.
Bombs and bullets and broken loves.
The evil voice of swooping magpies.
The silent stalking of nightmare panthers.
Injuries that can’t be wished away.
Betrayals bounding beyond imagination.
The ravaged soul quakes and shudders.
Darkness sticks to everything.
The blanket of night covers tightly.

And yet beneath it our fingers
fumble like some hopeful adolescent
to unclasp and fondle light’s flesh.
To explore one another and discover
the luminous and the numinous.
To find in the language of sighs,
and lift from the micro to the macro,
an antidote for the world’s lies,
to kick off those constraining covers.

There can be no surrender.

Everyday we seek to live our way, 
to soften the blows and continue
to laugh and fuck, to pleasure and play,
to push back death and have our say.

Who can deny the human heart?

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