A Few Dead People I’d Like To Have Lunch With…

James Sebor

Dead people are no doubt bored, so I’m sure these folks would be happy for free food and conversation. Of course, this is just a partial list, subject to addition and deletion. Feel free to add your own in comments.

Buddha, but a light lunch.
Jesus, but kosher of course.
Hitler, come on, who wouldn’t.
James Joyce, just to mock him.
George Washington, to try to catch him in a lie.
Hemingway, but just for drinks.
Reagan, to deliver some Depends.
Bakunin, for mutual aid.
William Butler, my ancestor who survived The Wheatfield at Gettysburg.
Audrey Hepburn, but a date, not lunch.
Ingmar Bergman, just to cheer me up.
Edwin Schrödinger, about that cat.
Shakespeare, because I’ve always wanted to meet an extra-terrestrial.
Ezra Pound, to tell him he was right about usury.
God, to let her know how disappointed I am.
Richard Nixon, so I could drive a stake through his heart.
Julia Child, just to hear her voice again.
Lenin, because he was a self-starter.
Mozart, because he would be fun. 
Emma Goldman, to dance.
Steve McQueen, as we look so much alike.
Janis Joplin, because I might get lucky.

Come on, I’m sure you can add to the list. Don’t be shy, try.