A Passel Of Random Musings

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The government legalized mirth, and people ran about madly displaying grotesque smiles, imagining they were suddenly free.

Youth sticks its tongue out at age. Age lifts its lips an shows off still sharp teeth. Time is a stand off.

You live deep in an abandoned nothing mine. No one knows what jewels you hold.

Spend too much time wrapped in solitude’s warmth and the freezing embrace of society may kill you.

If your feet disdain stairs, you may be in for a fall. Ask your toes. They know.

You go to see Waiting For Godot, but are turned away. Best performance ever.

Straight trees grow on steep hillsides, but they are never comfortable.

When you freely choose a buffoon to rule over you, it is obviously too soon for discussions of liberty and democracy. At the water cooler, stick to Survivor.

When idiots demand conversation, expect nothing but the babble of the rabble.

Liberty has become a thin tissue sneezed into and thoughtlessly thrown away.

If your eyes are open, you will notice every detail as you wander through life. Expect to reach your destination late.

Try to avoid life’s subtle points, or expect to constantly bleed questions.

If you swallow too many insults, you may choke on your own bile and die.

Don’t be a stream of knowledge where others can catch your fish too easily.

Stab yourself with your own pen and the ink may illuminate you or simply render you a bore. No way to know for sure.

In the silence of Eden, two trees patiently wait for the first woman of power to make her move.

Cats know everything. Cats say nothing. Cats are wiser than humans.

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