A Short Course In Surrealism


Consider swarms of stars
Embrace quantum entanglement.
Look for the marvelous
lurking in the mundane.
Forget you were ever sane.
Pack the normal with plastique.
Enjoy the confused explosion.
Chaos rains down at random.
Push up bras, dead cats, frost,
stubby fingers, hubcaps, foreskins,
police sirens, mangled birgsong,
futile fornication, oil changes,
luckless lingerie, bald tires
unfortunate doctor’s visits.
It’s always yours for the making
if you penetrate the off kilter
specters beneath the surface.
Eat old books. Read your food.
Lean on the road’s shoulder. Sigh.
Find the passion in the broken.
Pick up odd pieces of debris.
Take it all to your head’s home.
Reassemble the hidden sublime.
A cigar is never only a cigar.
Lap the frothy river of light.
Imagine the upside down within
the inside out and run with it.
It’s not as hard as it looks.

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