A Word, Please?


It was just a word; a word on the table of my heart. A name perhaps, but a word nonetheless.

Could this word mean life; everything within and without? Or is the word just another byword for something else?

Could the word mean power? That worldly kind of power that presides over the lives of men? After all, it was but some words that brought us here; to this place where a word from another can plant seeds that may blossom into delightful gardens filled with the joys of life, or seeds intended to crush the very essence of your Eden.

A word.

Could the word be happiness?

A word that, here in the West, suggests a state of perpetual want so that the word satisfaction has no place to reside; a word that teaches us to forget the word gratitude and its soft spot for the word empathy. Could this be the word?

But the word was with God, so how did it get here? Did the word have a purpose or was the word itself, Purpose? For there are many among us who still haven’t heard the word and thus wander about aimlessly.

In truth, everything we know does have its roots in a word, and that word ultimately becomes a name; for if a thing were to be nameless, meaning if there were no words to ascribe it, then no one would speak of it, so it would be as if that thing did not exist. Could the word then simply be existence, or do we bring such words into existence?

Tell me, what word would you bring into the world if you had the power to? Would your word bring peace, tolerance, or more hubris?

I know a group of people who say the word wasn’t only with God, but that the word was good enough to be God. They also say God is love, so one can infer from such words that the word may simply be love.

I am unsure of what it would take for a man to love his neighbour with the same kind of love he has for himself, but rest assured that I give you my word when I say to you that in this world of words and wee men, I have felt love long enough to know what love is, and when love isn’t.

It was a single word on the table of my heart that made me write this; a love letter perhaps, but a bunch of words, nonetheless.