Another Newsfeed Lament…

Let me get my biases out there for all to see.

I am not interested in productivity, self help, dating advice, technobabble, the so called Resistance, or listicles of any type.

I have nothing to add about Donald Trump, racism, sexism, feminism, rape culture, police brutality, fake news, or abuse of any kind.

Of course, I have opinions on all of these, but I see no value in adding to circuitous, never ending rants passing themselves off as conversations when they are really proclamations.

I have no problem with others doing this if they feel called to do so.

Alas, the Medium newsfeed allows me no escape.

There a great may writers here that I enjoy and look forward to reading. But I often miss what they write because they are buried beneath an avalanche of stuff I have no interest in.

I still use the old newsfeed even though it is cumbersome because I’d rather navigate a torrent of unwanted information than have someone else choose that unwanted information for me.

But I have stopped clicking on: show me fewer stories by, or on, or by this author. It is tedious to do so and it absolutely doesn’t work.

I am not sure why this is so. I suspect it it because Medium wants us to read what it thinks will benefit Medium.

I would very much like to see only writing by authors and upon topics that I choose to see. I’m no techie, but it’s hard to believe that this type of filtering simply can’t be done.

I find writing on Medium (except for the wretched text editor) useful and rewarding. I can’t say the same thing about reading.

I hope this will be addressed in the future, but I am beginning to doubt it. I fear that until Medium figures out what it wants to be when it grows up, we will remain drowning in the same old same old.

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