Big Bang Banging

Aykut Aydoğdu

building a new world in the shell of the old.” — IWW saying

begin upon a plain of paper. distances to cover. alphabet.
incongruent juxtapositions engender emotion beyond meaning.
twittering doorknobs. stabbing swans. climb a larder.
words as alchemical talismans unlock arcane affinities.
seized by eye by heart interpreted. signature not a thing.
relax into noing. reason takes a powder. immediacy.
vast and mysterious domains. impossible vistas. surrealities.
glimpse the marvelous. revelation before lucidity.
arrangement speaks first. scrabble pieces. typography.
let line serpents slither at will. line brakes herd. hearing.
silences gather. full stop. do not proceed lion. bitten peaces.
forget what you think you want to know and know. simply sew.
purely imagination. write without wrong. draw from quelle.
from soars to finale. tea leaves without tea. for. telling.
no writer no reader only written and read. what’s a meadow for?
extract common semes. final sense of immediate absurdity.
an exquisite corpse drinks only new wine. transubstantiation.
famished trolls sneak from beneath bridges to eat night’s bread.
write away. imagination soars. arrow without aim. hits mark.
difficult to speak of. speaking of speaking speaking. speak.
perils that were his lies. set of synecdoche. set of sets.
set of teeth. smiling. meta. metonymy. pale black. dark white.
rend sky with choral fingers. almonds on fire. handful of olives.
baptismal depth. pornographic fount. bubbles. melting mackerel.
impassive silence roars inheres. signal flares. gas lyre.
what can be made of what you make? Ah, the brake threw! now.
accidental arrangements. blank pages. take your chants.
dew headed cats with glass breasts. make scenes. sing out.
desire for explication does not guarantee certainty.
cant always gets what you want. Eros weds Thanatos, begets Chaos.
just another snowman melting. open handed day of three clouds. 
raining swords. sharks swim the moon. soluble. ears on beaches.
discursive thought broken. narcotic images. universe revised.
illuminations. ordinary hallucinations. preceding logos.
words, gentlemen, are reality. break the bonds. further.

Inspired by the frolicsome word playfulness of Mary Holden. May she play forever.

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