Everyone Loves A Happy Ending


It takes humility, patience, and humor
to endure life as a Senior when
you clearly see the neon exit sign.

Still, there are actions you can take
to keep despair safely at bay.

Play with piles of poisonous snakes.
Drop your smart phone into a cesspool.
Stop adding water to your whiskey.
Fire a 50 caliber bullet into your TV.
Enjoy less than you need and be content.
Avoid reading drivel labeled content.
Spend plenty of time with toddlers.
Smoke pot to make Meals on Wheels tasty.
Forgive the young their ignorance.
Forget your short term memory is gone.
Lobby to bring back the Buffalo.
Use AARP magazines for toilet paper.
Love your kids, but allow them their lives.
Never follow a recipe exactly.
Learn to shoot and not to miss.
Relish the condiment of hunger.
Believe in God, but pay her no attention.
Be most generous when you are most broke.
Never pass up a chance to eat garlic.

Imagine death as a happy surprise.
When you reach the exit, smile.

Resurrect Monty Python to give your eulogy.

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