On June 27th, I posted that I had reached 5,000 followers. I also pointed out that this number is increasing oddly fast.

Well, now, nine days later, it is 5,500 followers! That’s 500 new followers in nine days. For a poet?

And yet the number of people who view and read my posts has stayed the same or decreased a bit.

I know I am a marvelous writer, but this just seems unlikely. Perhaps a bit… unnatural.

Is there some Techno-Alchemist out there who could explain to me how this might be being manipulated? And, more importantly, why?

Or am I really just such a wonderful writer that I can inspire people who don’t read me to follow me? In that case, thanks for the love, who or whatever you are. And while you are loving on me, if all 5,500 of you will just send one dollar to my PayPal account today, I will believe in miracles. No doubt a bot it.

Help a brother out…

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