Getting Nowhere Fast

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A man who is anxious about the future is miserable” Seneca

Give a Roman a hammer
and he will nail it down.
Tomorrow recedes like
the horizon from a ship.
You wonder why it
keeps slipping away and
when you will arrive.
Important things happen
but you pay no attention.
The Now gets lost in When.
When will I be rich?
When will I be happy?
When will I be loved?
Those who enrich you,
those who love you
and make you happy,
slip away unnoticed.
They are only of today.
You yearn for tomorrow.
Yearning makes you sick,
uncertain and unsettled.
You are never where you are,
always distracted by
a distant, slippery star.
Death is that horizon. 
Worry is only a waste.
Enjoy the details of today or
miserably let them wash away.