Gone Girl

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Divorce is the sign of knowledge is our time. wcw

Empty chair. Sun frowning through blinds on lifeless rooms.
Bare ruin’d choirs, where late the sweet birds sang.
Singing now to only one. A history of the void. Hollow words.
Know the past. You were there. In everything done.
Boxed up kid’s toys. Forgotten gifts. Solitary thoughts.
Echoes of children’s voices. Fading to grown up.
No one knows what lurks down the road. Dead end.
Memories of the missing. One way conversations. Unsung songs.
Days without direction. Nights of nothing. Empty bed blues.
Ransacked nostalgia. Random recollections. Loneliness.
 You and I were like water to the sea,
 What can one without the other be?

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