How to be an adult?

Jesus Kiteque/unsplash

For two decades, 
they told us what to do,
where to sit,
when to talk.

Nobody told us the How’s.
how to live,
how to be happy,
how to cope with sadness,
how to pay taxes,
how to balance cheque books.

Nobody prepared us,
for the real world,
for it’s harsh realities.

They taught us to be obedient,
but what about being good,
being kind and patient,
what about a healthy mental state?

They taught us,
but nobody taught us,
how to be an adult.

This is a rant. Thanks for bearing with me. I’m starting my glorious life of 9–5 job next week, and obviously I have no freaking idea how to deal with it all.Suggestions and tips are welcome. Thank You!

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