Indian Summer

Beth Hoeckel

Late heat and confused geese.
The sun dripping consequences.
Born in winter’s lurking teeth,
late seeds sprout in doubt.
Gelid thoughts haunt
autumn’s backward thoughts.
An uncertainty of gestation.
Against rushing rocks roiling
waters stain the stream.
Late heat laughing lies.
Eurydice makes a false start.
Geese attempt backward flight,
honking reversed signals.
A conspiracy of confusion.
Late heat sends doomed fleets.
Their sailing is their sinking.
A mirage of ice awaits.
Burning polar explorers
speculate among melting bergs.
Consequences of misconstrual.
Shortened days dissemble.
Nothing stops for good and all.
Time flows. The water slows.
Stranded in a long instant,
hesitation precedes the snows.