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Jesus And Santa The Day After Christmas


T’was the day after Christmas
and the fight was still brewing,
he, she, and they
continued their stewing.

The presents now opened,
the eggnog gone sour,
he, she, and they
still clinging to power.

“This is Orwellian,”
he said with a grimace.
“This is auspicious,”
she said, “quite propitious.”

They stood in the doorway,
looking left, looking right.
Their eyes glittered daggers,
they were ready to fight.

Santa, exhausted,
lay in his bed,
hot cocoa in hand,
a song in his head,


Jesus stood quietly,
his face now quite stern,
arms at his side,
they had so much to learn.

“How do I teach them?
What should I say?
How do I reach them
when day after day…?”

Day after day,
day after day…

A knock at the door,
Santa rose with a sigh.
There Jesus stood,
smiling, a bit shy.

“Why Jesus, come in!
What a pleasant surprise.
Sit down over here
and we’ll watch the sun rise.”

Jesus sunk down
in a chair by the fire.
His eyes moist with longing,
His one true desire.

“Santa, my friend,
there’s work to be done.
Let’s work together…
there are souls to be won.”

“Jesus, my Lord,
what do you mean?
Is joy not enough?
Must we see the unseen?

“The joy that you bring, Santa,
is but a mirage,
the trinkets, the gimmicks,
the now full garage,
overflowing with junk,
spilling into the streets,
it’s all been a trap,
too soon obsolete…

“…Now listen my plan,
it’s simple, yet sure.
Next Christmas dispense
something finer, gifts pure.”

“Oh, Jesus, my Jesus,
I'll do as you ask.
Just tell me this prize,
yes! Then gift me this task.”

“Your sack next year
will prove light as a feather.
Your gifts will prove lustrous…
we will bring them together!
For you will distribute
the one that is true,
the one thing eternal,
so long overdue,
a simple gift,
as God’s best gifts are…
my words, forever holy,
eternally sacred, God’s shining star…

…Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.




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