Johnny Ringo Reflects

Arnaud Jarsaillon and Remy Poncet

Eventus stultorum magister.

Every day, the civil heart gets harder.

More Others gather and threaten
until enmity becomes normal.

Us against them conspires to define
the broken individual identity.
Snowflakes and deplorables,
black, white, and brown,
circle each other warily
like ever anxious gunfighters
waiting for the moment to draw.

Suspicious hearts and minds
feel triggers on their fingers.

The absent whole that was once
splinters into factions of now.
Compromise retires and dies.
The showdown looms, inevitable.

What mad chaos will ensue
when that first shot barks?

You can’t make eggs from an omelet.
Finishing a puzzle needs all the pieces.
Men won’t know Commonwealth again.

The days of division arrive on time.

Darkness laps the shooter’s toes.

History whispers how this will end.
Murder on murder, again and again.