Live to fight another day.

— Indu

Photo by maxime caron on Unsplash

Staring at the ceiling,
Filled with an empty feeling, 
I feel the darkness crushing down on me. 
I feel tired,
But not too tired to sleep.

I close my eyes 
The nightmares come rushing
I wake up sweating. 
I feel like crying but 
the tears left me long back

I stare at the ceiling 
Filled with this empty feeling,
Does this never end? I ask
Yes it will a voice answers
How I ask
You know how It says 
I refuse I say
Then suffer.

At least you didn’t chose the easy way out. Heart whispers
I toss and turn, 
Live to fight another day heart says. 
I close my eyes. 
Live to fight another day. I repeat.

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