My 10,000 Medium Maniacs


I am the Lizard King. I can do anything…

It seems so real. The arena is filled with 10,000 frenzied fans. The stage is set.

I arrive in my limo with my entourage and bodyguards. I take the stage, dressed in tight black leather, like the Lizard King (OK, the older, fatter Lizard King). The lights come up. . .

The claps are deafening. Some fans clap as many as 50 times! Each! Then I begin to read my poems.

Madness! Pandemonium! Hysteria!

Pubescent girls scream and swoon orgasmically. Grown women throw intimate apparel at the stage. Strong men wish they were me…

Oh, sorry. Just daydreaming.

Today, after nine months of writing and posting, I have 10,000 followers, sorry, fans, on Medium.

That is a bit rock star like. Ten thousand is enough to fill a small arena.

But reality bites. Where are the limos? Where is the entourage? Where are the bodyguards? Where is the money? WHERE ARE THE GROUPIES?

Nowhere to be found. I’m really just a 65 year old poet with no limo, no entourage, no bodyguards, no money, and no groupies. And that’s fine.

My life with poetry began in 1967 when I shoplifted a copy of Gary Snyder’s The Back Country from a local bookstore. I thought it would be cool to be a poet. I got sidetracked by a war. Then poetry was again nurtured as I got a B. Hum. and MA in English. But I didn’t write, I just learned to read closely and widely. Then life got in the way. Marriage, kids, mortgages, the full catastrophe, but not a bad life.

Wasn’t until I got divorced in 2006 that I began to write. A little at first, but then more and more. Since I quit teaching four years ago, the more has become a torrent. So, I got a late start, but I’m running fast.

Now poetry is what I do. It isn’t part of my life, it is my life, or what’s left of it. I like it.

So I’d like to thank the Academy, my drill sergeants, my mom, but mostly those of you who bother to read my weirdly varied writing. I’d even like to thank the large part of the 10,000 who are bots. At least you’re my bots. And thank you all for the financial support you’ve provided through PayPal donations. It’s good to be valued.

I’d also like to thank Medium for providing this platform, even with its deeply flawed text editor. :)

I intend to keep writing. I hope you will keep reading. I value your attention and input.


Now bring on the groupies!

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