Never Lose Your Edge

Aspen Surgical

A poet can devolve into a preacher,
but the fire of imagination
should never be wasted on homilies.
Find your way back to the sharp image,
word play, sharp ideas, pure language 
expressed in unapologetic syllables.
Words that kill like cassowaries.
Rend flesh like machine gun bullets.
Make the reader hustle and scamble
for the worthy prize of insight.
Don’t lay it out on a platter.
Poetry is not a platform for sermons,or
to deliver pat polemics for lazy minds.
That way lies merely pretentious prose.
Sharpen you scalpel, dissect the world.
Let them call you obscure and difficult.
Forget about popularity contests.
That is our one true calling:
to make it cut, to make it hard,
to make it worth the thoughtful effort.
Those who have eyes to see will.
Those who have the brains to think will.
Those who don’t get it simply won’t.
Those who do will be rewarded.

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