Ninefold Poetry and a Sample, Growing Up

On my pre-Medium blog (Kittie Phoenix Living Romans 08), I had connected to an awesome blogger, Ninefold Dragon. He created a style of poetry called ninefold. Each year, he challenges his readers to submit samples of their writing in this style. A sample of his annual challenge for this year can be found here.

The poem has three stanzas of three lines each. Each line has nine syllables. The first stanza has to talk about the physical world and appeal to the five senses. The second stanza deals with the mind, thoughts, and peceptions. The third and final stanza deals with the spiritual; it evokes a strong emotion or paints something in the supernatural realm.

While I plan to republish all my ninefold poems on my own blog at the beginning of August, I thought I’d introduce the style here, with links to Ninefold so you can see other samples. I will probably pick my favorite two or three to share here.

Growing Up

Voices raise, doors slam, silence ensues.
Babe turned woman-child fights without clues.
Stomp, stomp, sigh… stomp, stomp, sigh… start the waltz.

I’ve lost my precious giggly baby.
A joy turns to loss, turns to sadness.
Anger and frustration reign supreme.

Sensing sadness for the girl that was,
Broken boundaries cause searing pain.
She holds soul responsibility.

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