Say What?

René Magritte

Elegance is a question… RAW

Have you ever convicted yourself of a crime?
What is the color of confusion?
How many orgasms in a limited lifetime?
When did you realize you weren’t young?
Who owns the most talented mouth you ever met?
Why are so many questions embarrassing?
What name would you prefer to your own?
Why does the word moist make people blush?
Where was the place you most felt at home?
What sounds more inviting than a moan?
Who knows where the time goes?
If you met god, what would you ask her?
Have you ever had a threesome with doom and despair?
Which interesting dead people would you invite to lunch?
Who could you never, ever forgive?
Can a heart break more than the first time?
Where have all the flowers gone?
Where are all your bodies buried?
Who are you when you aren’t yourself?
Why are there always more questions than answers?
Riddle me these, please. Honesty is optional.

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