Eavesdropping On Reality



That slightly out of kilter sensation,
a feeling loss with no obvious object.
Something gone, but not remembered.
You know it was with you once,
but can’t be certain when it left.
What used to fill your vacant heart.
Where you were then, but are not now.
It calls in dreams and odd moments.
A predilection for what never happened.
An unshakable sense of dwindling.
A sorrowful, silent, Siren song.
A conversation overheard in fragments.
Knowing you don’t know the whole story;
that somehow you missed the punch line.
Living perpetually just out of place.
Standing on the old porch at twilight,
Straining to imagine the life not lived,
compared to everything that happened.
Uncertain, alone, without direction,
waiting for the wholeness of the night.

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