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Silly Poem Because I Have To

Photo by JoelValve on Unsplash

I’m losing it! I’m losing it!
The coaster clanks its way
to the first drop and I can’t jump.
My therapist advises:
“Maximum participation. Minimum involvement.”
What does he know?
Decades of school and tolerating stiffs
like me — what — makes him Gandhi
rooming with Aristotle and Twain?

I don’t care! I don’t care!
The cats stride the tables,
rule the counters and chairs.
I well tears at a meow, like a sap — 
I cry over road-kill, for Christ’s sake!
Did you hear me?
There is not much time left — 
they are closing the park and Momma
calls me home in the sunset air.

I’m falling! I’m falling!
It is fun — like terminal velocity
before impact.
My family is silly — we play with toys
and toy with words — the highest marks
earned by the juiciest fart joke.
This is not a poem, this is a life
in sloppy hand-script and poor diction.
This is a shout for no good reason.

This poem is from my collection — The End of an Ordinary Life — available now in eBook and paperback formats. WINNER, 1st Prize in Poetry, Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook, 2017
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