Source: Pixabay

Stepping Off a Cliff

Moving along our journey

He embarked on a journey
without an itinerary
he stepped off a cliff
into the unknown

It mattered not where he had been
it mattered not where he was going
what he needed to express
was the cliff he was on

He looked down below
he would surely fall to his death
but he would also fall to his awakening
to a birth that was unknown

His excitement was crackling
through the air like lightning
his fear was like thunder
shaking the ground beneath him

He could never move forward
without stepping off the cliff
he could never step back
for the past was no longer there

He teetered and he tottered
unable to move
he vacillated between that
which came before and afterward

He feared that
which was in the NOW
he refused to look in the mirror
to see where he was

Standing on the cliff
the wind suddenly howled
and it pushed him forward
into a death-defying spiral

And he never landed
on the ground below
for his flight took him upward
to worlds he did not know

Every cliff that we stand on
every step that we take
moves us on our journey
back to where we are going