Swap Meet


A world already a few steps beyond too much…

The ongoing goes only on.

Stimuli need but apply.
Synapses pop into existence.
Connections made. Bridges built.
But the macro matters most.
Conference calls are convened.
Neural partners connect and divorce.
Networks blaze bright then fade.
Nodes swap, shift, rearrange.

A brain learns and remembers.
We know more and become more.

Information, base metal of learning.
Control information, control reality.
Find the neural Midas touch,
the base metal transmutes into gold.
Mind subjected into objects.
Objects to be bought and sold.

Which techno-prophet do you choose
to turn your thoughts into profits?

One algorithm to rule them all!

One big smiley faced network.

Beware what you let into your head, 
individual thought, dying and dead.

This poem was (partly) inspired by and made from the article “Flex Time” in the most recent issue of Science News Magazine.

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