The Atomic Umbrella

Shadows on park-benches shaking heads 
Soaking up what sun that’s left, well
I’m glad I’m going to be dead
Living in the shadow is hell.

I don’t know what it’s coming to 
Pollution, crime, violence, insanity 
Don’t forget sex and the H-bomb, too 
Look, Dad, you made it, you made me.

Everything’s hanging on a thread 
Everything’s spinning, on the move 
Everyone’s rushing off to bed 
Everyone’s trying to find his groove.

The mad throb of modern hearts 
The frantic urge to live
After all we gave those upstarts — 
We gave all we could give.

Godless, damned, where’s your God? 
Ain’t you running round in circles? 
Where are your morals? 
Where? O Lord! 
What happened to the miracles?

You like it or you leave it 
You rock or you roll over 
You shut up or you bullshit 
You stay put or move over.

Old Timer, find your bearings
Stop that ceaseless yak
The world has lost its moorings 
We’re trying to get it back on track.

Thank you, sir, for your genes
For the wars that you turned cold 
Thank you for the shiny machines 
Thank you, no, keep your world.