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The Heavy Metal Door

What is on the other side?

Love, surrounding us in all directions
Love, in everything we see
in everything we touch
in everything we feel

It permeates our reality
Even if we do not notice it
Even if we do not see it
or feel it subsume our life

It is there at ever turn
It is around every corner
Beneath every facade
Reflected on every dewdrop

We hide from it
We turn around
and go the other way
unwilling to face it

Our experiences teach us
that there is pain
that there is disappointment
that there is regret

It is better to walk away
to turn our heads away
to seek something else
that is sure not to hurt

We seek joy
and happiness and bliss
but all we do is compromise
we barter our lives away

We must feel safe
and we turn away
from the ultimate security
the ultimate refuge

In our fear
we bolt the door
we secure our box
not letting anything in

We encase our hearts
with concrete and steel
we build moats
to surround our lonely castles

The world is saturated with love
but we won’t let it in
we won’t acknowledge it
we look the other way

Our steel doors are locked
our hearts are closed
our energy is stopped
going neither in nor out

We hide behind our doors
waiting for the knocking to stop
then we climb down to the basement
to cry tears of sadness

Our lives will change
when we go upstairs
and open the door
and welcome the world

When we go outside
and surrender
to the world
we will finally be free

To finally find love
we must stop searching
we must start seeing it
everywhere we look

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