Unbegrenzte Möglichkeiten

Ego — AlterEgo

“I read the news today, oh yeah…” LM 
“Every day a fucking adventure.” — Al Swearangen

OK. Today may be dull. It happens. Sure.
But this is US. Give it time. Wait for it.
Tomorrow remains rife with possibilities.

Podcasts of Trump on on the value of modesty.
Street fights in several extinct languages.
Hillary wins at Detroit poetry slam. Mama!
Jihadists explode poodles in crosswalks.
Island countries wave, grin & sink. Good TV.
Caitlyn Jenner enters the Olympic Decathlon.
Porno flicks found starring Merkel and Putin.
A sane, reasonable presidential election occurs.
Angry cats with opposable thumbs rebel.
Men & women speaking & understanding each other.
Brock Turner announces sex change operation.
God pissed. Announces: No More Mulligans!
Gender wars conclude. Everyone’s dead.
Debut of lost Bach Partita for Electric Didgeridoo.
Good taste denounced! Declared elitist and banned.
New, hip-hop production of Treblinka: The Musical.
Shakespeare cloned. Buys poetry anthology. Reads. Dies.
End-up, instead of start-up, launches in Palo Alto.
Annoying ads installed on smart phone users.
Suddenly common sense becomes common again.
Victimless rhymes decriminalized. Poets cheer!
Canada nuked for being terminally boring.
Death penalty announced for unauthorized thought.

Everything is possible in a land great again.

This is America! Never a day without blunders.
Take Heart! Tomorrow, there be Wonders…