What A Mighty God We Serve! II

Tweets from 2009 in and around El Paso, TX — Tim Martin / Getty Images

Nearly ate Shit on my skateboard!

Of all the creatures on earth, why are there mosquitoes?

take it off my luv :

wish i had a bike riding buddy. ;(

you guys its fuckin hard to text ill be back and yea leave my girlfriend alone

So I dropped my car off at the dealership for service and left my lunch in the backseat. Chicken, brocolli and cheese. Its going to smell..

totally agreeing wit ya… the am sux ass.!!! lol I guess it also dosent help that I go out all the time.!!

I’m in the same boat, girl. I saw him in the Lady Gaga vid & immediately googled him!

She a label ho!

lets go to NY right now..they are having a casting call for the new sex and the city movie :D

Can someone please google for me how to catch white bass. I about to resort to explosives.

two free tacos from jack in the box today!!

For sure! I think he’s hot too.

haha I think mine is telling me that in a polite way!

Of course we’ll have to have something to sell, so start making stuff.

I got sunburn on my sunburn but no fishies.

Woke up today with my ribs and back hurting pretty bad. You know it was a good wreck when injuries are showing up 2 days later.

im finally awake! lets party!

I am ridiculously anxious today.

i need to prepare formating disks

format later

I don’t appreciate the bastardizing of g.i. joe into some international crime fighting force.

rainy today, just like my mom likes it..she told me today she wishes the Lord would take her..tired of fighting this lung cancer

I like it when you call me big poppa . . . LMAO

You just got a new sofa? Me too! We’re like new couch twins!

I’m never having kids. Admiring them from far away is nice but that’s about it.

it’s obama’s birthday? Ew gross

It freaks me out to drive at night like when I’m not drunk

Johnnys taking over my tweets

I’m planning on computer science. But right now…. Irish clog dancing sounds good

God I hate making scary phone calls. I wish we could go back in time to before there were phone calls. Oh but can we keep email?

are you allowed to sue your own thumbs?

90’s Flashback: El Paso Police rap against gang violence.

At work with a bunch of yuppies they don’t understand my hipster ways lol

Still drunk!

So hot & humid I’m gonna rip off my clothes! But keep my shoes on!

Pay day bitches!!!

I do 78.5 tweets a day roughly :L haha

Benefits debate turns from homosexuality to homogeneity: “Real El Pasoans” are Hispanic, Christian, and heterosexual, speakers say.

ol @ the grammar police! that shit really bugs me too. =/ & when ppl use “this ppl” instead of “these ppl” wtf is that?!?!

District Court worker patted down my sinister black boots this morning. I’ll take that over airport security peering in my waistband, tho.

Sounds like the EP City Council meeting has been hijacked by a bunch of homophobic pastors. It is kind of absurd…

I wants some burritos

i can’t remember a time that i’ve hated my life this much. Oh yeahh, tryouts last year!

The new fish order comes in at 1130 so I will be about 10 minutes late to open the store.

And no dying! Why do you feel like dying?

Its just a bunch of beaners who can’t speak english. I swear I do

I think I am starting to get burned out on reading.

Completed a to do list. First, change my picture. What a sad bastard.

that boy getting in the shower live?!?

Umm… If you’re really fat, you’re not disabled, you’re just stupid. End of story.

just realised that ‘indie music’ is actually a type of haircut.

you seem like a fag, fag

Get to the point,

Is There A Home Treatment For Hpv?

I hear women like it when you call them broads

going beserk yesterday his ex-wife today some gay guy

My view. Now I have a crying baby in my right ear as I’m trying to listen

on my fourth cup of coffee… that can’t be good

u know what i miss….when trix had the little shapes on there cearal like a watermelon and grapes, now there just stupid puffs!

People that bring their babies to a student orientation are assholes

This baby is ugly and needs makeup

im TRYING to do pull ups (although i cant even do
one)!! hope one day i can do it!! LOL ok im weird :( girls need to protect themselves too!

I had some crazy ass dreams! =/

afraid that my life will become meaningless…


Imma hook u guys up wit my indian lady lol

I need to stop popping/cracking my neck… It’s not good for me… AND it sounds gross… but I can’t stop… my neck’s always hurting…

trying to figure out what to do :(

I just saw her get up and she smells like body odor.

How are you two getting along? Is he a nice guy?

For sure! I think he’s hot too.

He tweets in your sanctuary? I hope he licks his paws first….

I’m closing in on 1000 tweets…what should the milenium tweet be? or should I wait and make something big of the Gigatweet?



Are all moped drivers stupid?

I am ridiculously anxious today.

Well, you need to be shameless in order to dance at a gas station…


My stepdad is fckn stupid. He took both tvs away from me and my sister.

I suppose my fat ass can get up finally !

My car just wants me to go seventy i swear :)

Only 13 more days of vacation and so much still to do. I think I’ll start with a nap.

Back to school shopping for 7 kids sucks.

In the restroom thinking really hard

I will sleep in your shirt every night until it stops smelling like you. And then i will wear it some more.

rice pudding and gold fish for lunch.

Oh so YOU DO have horns! I KNEW IT! :p

After being in the UK, I just realized how much I hate living here. Gotta get out.


I used to love smelling like campfire-now it reminds me of my ex.

go get em girl! Tell those MFers they need to appreciate the curvitude

Sorry you seam so sad and lonely. cheer up the day will get better.

i hope he doesn’t know

Geez, everyone is irkin me…

it’s another one of those nights…

Shower time =]

True story: Sister and I got off at a gas station and danced to “naco” Mexican music around the car. People stared….

Day 2 Complete. Now if I could just get a job.

Is it true that Burger King is selling 50 cent burgers today

I hope that you slept well..

I’ve been worried about you…I had a feeling something was not right.

what is it exactly

Quittin on the whole thing!

Okay my sister is such a FREAK! She luaghs about everything.. Lmfao.

You need a far, far better deal.

I guess I can thank my crazy ass driving habits for this.

Hey what u up too. Anything worth trying

If his status ain’t hood, I ain’t checkin’ for him. He better be street if he lookin’ at me.

I’m gonna bake a sugar cake for you.

Today’s the day I would like to give up and give in.

I am currently at the restaurant…what a day! Announce that your closing the restaurant and you get double the business!!

I looked it up, & 私は、レイチェルを嫌う。セックスしています。, thats a Japaneese ass whoopin’! hahaha translate it.

you’re always laying in bed lol

I’m super craving a really good burger …

School was eh.

By Saturday, I will have spent roughly 17 hours at church this week.

You better take a shot of tequila! It keeps the swine flu off

Not sure Burger Kings 50 cent burgers qualify as a really good burger

Teach ’em girl!!

i need to get high right now to clear my head…. who is in the area … Where u at

Don’t go bro!!! please!

I rented Obsessed starring Beyoncè. What the hell am I doing with my life

I miss my sanity.. That shit is gone*

I gotta see that movie!

Damn, that was a good nap, I’m feelin like a new woman…bout to get my cheeseburger and sweet potato fries & thank my great metabolism

Damn this bad spanish/italian chick just passed me but she going in parole! Damn she was niiiiice too! I hope my home get her number.

Night off tonight. Just me and my laundry :) Time to enjoyy!! :)

im performing @ S.O.B’s tonight. Doors open @ 8:30. Bring yo’ ass.

Just finished eattin AGAIN ……fulll I’m soooo fat hELP

I have this feeling that the next part of the adventure is about to begin.

oh really u like being drunk …shame on u…lol

not my fortay

Ok time to delete some folks…smh

Next job for Bill Clinton: fix the App Store. Good G_d John. Gore invented the Internet. This is akin to crossing the streams.

Staring at this half bottle of Absolut thinking lol sooo tempted to mak a martin ….. Wat yall think I should do lol……… HELLLPPP

Of course I got the kids tonight. How you been

What a Mighty God we serve!

I know. I said the same shit. Never again! That’s what I get for not going to subway!

Fat hipsters in skinnyjeans

Nigga came out of parole and sold that white chick dope! Yooooooo! Niggas is hot over here. Pause.

and I am tired of people talking about my baby’s head!!!!

Coffee right now would be good

Does everybody still like twitter

that’s spanish for shit!!


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