What’s Up With This Obsession(!) Over “Narcissists”?

Ron Collins
Jan 1 · 3 min read

[originally posted as a reply to Randomly Me ]

Anyway, while we’re on the subject of armchair diagnoses for mental disorders, am I the only one around here being targeted and inundated with these sob-story testimonials about “narcissists”? You know, those ones that read all pretty much the same, where clearly a social worker, attorney, therapist or busybody friend who reads too much pop-psych, has got hold of these women (they’re always women), and taught them a new word. With that magic key the old barstool whine about “my ex was mean to me” can now come off as some kind of ersatz-informed commentary/cautionary (for what eventual purpose or audience I have yet to decipher) by which the affected (double-entendre intentional) female may broadcast her lengthy and detailed list of grievances about somebody she (OCD-like) can’t seem to get out of her head nor stop him (always a “him”) from remaining the epicenter of her existence (which demand on his part, I gather, had been the summary of her beef with him in the first place…..

These past several days, when there is any content at all on the left-hand column of my otherwise deserted home page, consistently each day there has appeared at least one if not several of these items, all bearing the Magic N-Word in their titles, all authored by women claiming no particular knowledge of DSM-5 personality disorders but carrying on nonetheless as if they personally have decoded with unassailable authority which disorder among them their ex was afflicted with, all standing on a narrative that only he had been any kind of perpetrator in the arrangement while everyone else in Herself’s circles had thought she was the bee’s knees….

Naturally, I block each and every last one of these self-appointed quacks. I imagine it would overload any of these ladies’ circuitry past the point for which I would want to feel responsible, for me to point out that of all the various claimed disorders listed in the DSM as one degree or another of “mental illness”, and at a time when other forms of “mental illness” are being claimed and bandied about like some kind of 21C badge of victim-status among hyper-stressed liberal urbanites looking for some way to be “marginalized” and thus recognizable as capable of wokedom, nobody who ever brings up Narcissistic Personality Disorder specifically ever mentions it in the context of a condition in need of “treatment” (a term these self-describing crazy-but-bravely-managing-to-function-nonetheless people are otherwise quite fond of….)

Apparently, of all the “disorders”, OCD among them, the “narcissistic” one is the only one whose mention is only acceptable as an accusation, not as a call for empathy, support or understanding. There is apparently no treatment much less any cure, and judging by the way these victim-authors write about their particular narcissist, one might even conclude that they simply consider such a person to be a kind of human varmint or pestilence, a plague-dog, if you will, whose very existence among other people stands as a permanent threat and hazard, and has no other value simply as a life being lived…..

A concept which, in other times and in another language, had been summarized in one regime’s official nomenclature as untermenschen….

And I doubt very seriously whether any one of these ladies has undergone a moment’s pause to examine the extreme paradox of taking it upon herself to name another human being as too dangerous to exist Because Narcissist, while simultaneously not questioning whether this itself might be the most dangerously narcissistic thinking there could possibly be…..

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